PR-C 52


Circular Itinerary from la Pobla de Lillet

GR 4
market paths PR-C 52 pr and GR 4 gr

It consists of an circular marked itinerary, of  5h. of duration, with origin and end in La Pobla de Lillet.

The chain of the CATLLARÁS is situated south of La Pobla de Lillet, and constitutes the most symbolic mountainous zone of this municipality.  With about 1700 mts. of maximum altitude, clearly pertains to the pre-Pyrenee range.  Its human and physical landscapes, and above all vegetation, without forgetting its fauna and its history, make it a precious objective for the hikers, as many of them already have verified.

As shown in the following maps and schemas, the itinerary follows first the “short lenght path” named PRC-52, with with white and yellow marks, and later the “long lenght path” named GR4, with with white and red marks (see detail of the marking code in section 2).  The most important points by where passes the PRC-52 are the Monastery of Santa Maria of Lillet, Church of Sant Miquel, Creu of the Castell de la Vila, Xalet of the Catllaràs, Sight point of the Rock of the Lluna, Joc de Pilota, Rock of the Moreneta, Prat Gespador and Roc of the Catllaràs.  The most important points of the GR4 section are Camp de l' Ermità and Falgars. 

In the section 6 this itinerary is described. Also exists a published guide of it with the name of “PRC-52 POBLA DE LILLET – CATLLARÀS”.  The guide is published in Catalan language, but the description of the itinerary also is in english.

Associació Excursionista Lillet
PR-C 52 created by Ángels Iserte and Lluís Arrondo

Castell de la vila

Puigllançada. View from PR-C 52       Joc de pilota